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All custom work orders must include a signed copy of our Order Form documenting your desired services.

Include one (1) completed/signed copy of all pages of this form when submitting custom work.
Please retain a copy for your own records.

Please ensure that your name & serial number is listed on each page in case the paperwork is separated. If your firearm has mismatched serial numbers on the frame/slide/barrel, please indicate this in the notes section.

You MUST include a copy of your valid Driver’s License; if we have to contact you to obtain missing ID or signature on the order form, a $25.00 admin fee will be added to your service work total.


All complete firearms must be shipped in accordance with Federal, State, and local laws. Our Shipping Policy can be found by following the link at the bottom of the page.  All registered firearms must be transferred through an FFL per ATF guidelines. We will waive the FFL Transfer Fee on our end when transferring a firearm to us for custom services. If you are simply sending unregistered parts of your firearm, they may be sent directly to us using your choice of carrier.

Include an itemized list (or picture) of all parts and pieces sent to us with your work order. We will contact you if anything is missing once received.


Handgun - Frame or Trigger Assembly
Rifle - Lower Receiver
Bolt Rifle - Action
Shotgun - Receiver

Disclaimer: The above list is usually the rule.  However, please be sure to check with the manufacturer of your particular firearm should you have questions concerning which part is considered the registered part.


All standard services are done in house by our professional gunsmiths. Whether it's custom modifications for your polymer frame handguns, a full rifle build, or simply a quick cleaning we have you covered. We offer a multitude of options for all your firearm needs. If you need parts for your custom piece, we are more than happy to get them for you if available, or you can get them elsewhere and send them in along with your order to have us install them.

Contact us today and let's get started on your custom project.



We do not coat sears, springs, bores/chambers or other tolerance critical or high-flex parts. In addition, we do not media blast scopes or other optics and, as a result, there will not be as good an adhesion of the Cerakote to those items.

TOLERANCE: For standard firearms applications it is often problematic to coat both pins and pin holes, as the resulting one (1) mil thickness of the coating when applied to rounded surfaces creates an increase of two (2) mil to the part tolerance and four (4) mil when both hole and pin are coated. This is also applicable to auto-pistol slide and frame fit, such as on tight-fitting 1911’s. We typically plug or mask holes and pins and only coat the pin ends. However, we can coat pins and holes and then custom fit these parts after coating for an additional charge. We recommend hand fitting and lapping for 1911 pistol slides and frames as this will yield a precision fit and can help to tighten loose fitting slide/frame combos.

MARKINGS: For receivers, frames, slides, Picatinny rails which have painted on or lightly laser etched markings these markings will be lost during the surface preparation and coating unless they are machine engraved or stamped. If these markings are of great importance we can mask over them, but those areas in and immediately around the markings will not be coated and, as such, will not blend. Manufacturer’s serial numbers will be masked at no additional charge where needed or coated where possible. Some manufacturer model numbers, name etc which are laser engraved will be masked over. This is per BATFE (ATF) regulations. Please consult us for specific requirements.

Note: There will be a Disassembly Fee assessed for any firearm/partial firearm we must completely disassemble ourselves prior to applying Cerakote.


Cerakote H-Series:
H-Series is the most durable of the standard Cerakote family of coatings and provides the best performance in hardness, wear and scratch resistance, adhesion and rust resistance. It can withstand heat up to 500°- 600° and comes in the widest range of colors. Therefore, we use the H-Series wherever possible. However, it’s a two-part heat cure finish and, therefore, cannot be applied to optics and other items or substrates which cannot, or should not be cured at the required temperatures.

Cerakote™ C-Series:
For high-temp applications up to 1700°, such as suppressors and machine-gun barrels, Cerakote™ C-Series has no equal. It’s available in a wide range of colors to match the overall finish requirement of the firearm or weapons system. We also use C-Series to coat scopes and other optics, as well as fiberglass and items and substrates which cannot be baked. It is not as durable as the H-Series and is less scratch and wear resistant. The primary application is optics, electronics and fiberglass stocks which cannot be heat cured.

All engraving is done using both fiber and CO2 lasers.  That's right...freaking lasers.
Laser engraving allows for crisp clean image transfer and is the leading type of engraving amongst the gun industry and marking industries today.  We are able to engrave polymers as well as most metals.  To see what types of services we currently offer as well as which image files we support, please visit our engraving page in the upper toolbar or simply by clicking on the link to this text.  Don't forget to visit our gallery to see some examples of our work if you need some ideas for your next project.

Listed services are not all inclusive.  If you don't see something listed on our site, reach out to us and we will gladly let you know if it is a service we can provide...or at the very least, we will try to point you in the right direction.

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